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For those who don’t have mountains to climb right on their doorsteps or who are not quite ready to tackle steep rock faces, there’s always the outdoor climbing wall. Such outdoor climbing walls are often attached to climbing centres and the operators have one prime focus: safety. And that’s why we have sports floors with fall protection properties in our product range. In your outdoor section, these floors provide a safe, secure footing underneath the climbing tower, but also reduce the risk of injury in the event of someone falling. You can choose between seamless and pre-fabricated product variants. Both are elastic, robust and weather-resistant. The latter, especially, is extremely important for climbing out in the open. After a shower of rain, our REGUPOLoutdoor safety flooring dries off again very quickly.

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Our REGUPOL safety tile REGUPOL climb FX guarantees reliable safety in the event of falling from a climbing wall.

REGUPOL climb fun

Seamless safety floor for sport climbing, installed on site. Tested fall protection and countless design possibilities.

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