REGUPOL playfix safety floors

Swings, Slides, See-saws

Our floors for swings, slides, see-saws

Children simply love playing on swings, see-saws or slides. To make sure nothing spoils that fun and they can play just as they please, our REGUPOL playfix safety floors create an abrasion resistant surface with consistent fall protection properties.

Whether on recreational areas, children’s playgrounds or school yards, once our safety floors have been installed, they provide a safe, barrier-free surface wherever there’s an increased risk of injury from falling. Our tested and certified fall protection values guarantee safety across the entire playing surface.

Our products

For swings, slides see-saws

REGUPOL playfix FX

Our tried and tested dual-layer safety tile: universal and reliable, designed for fall heights of up to three metres.


Our single layer safety tile is a successful compromise between long-term durability and cost efficiency. Maximum fall height is two metres.

REGUPOL playfix fun

When it comes to fall protection and design, this is our seamless multi-talent. It is suitable for fall heights of up to three metres and its smooth,…

REGUPOL playfix structure

This variation of our seamless safety floor not only scores with its outstanding fall protection properties, but also with the natural look of its…

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