REGUPOL safety floors and elements for shooting ranges

Overhead baffles

REGUPOL safety floors and elements for shooting ranges

Overhead baffles

Open shooting ranges must be at least as safe as their indoor counterparts. Even safer, in fact, because outdoors, not only are the shooters themselves at risk from ricochets and rebound, but also anyone else in the vicinity of an outside shooting range. In particular, it’s very important to prevent projectiles from the shooting range escaping upwards. To achieve this, overhead baffles usually made of concrete or steel are frequently used.

To prevent errant bullets from ricocheting off hard materials in the event of a miss on an open shooting range, these overhead baffles are fitted with our REGUPOL safety elements to provide cladding which is reliable, independent of weather conditions and has a long service life.

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For all standard bullet types

Whether amateurs or professionals, every shooter can miss a shot. Overhead baffles are usually made of concrete, steel or a mixture of both. A misdirected bullet that hits an unclad baffle in an open shooting range can therefore be very dangerous. Our REGUPOL safety elements prevent bullets from rebounding. They provide protection against ricochets and bullet fragments and capture all usual bullet types and calibres. Even under intensive use, they are very wear-resistant. The cladding on overhead baffles protects people inside and outside an open shooting range.

"Our products absorb bullets and reliably prevent them from posing a danger to the shooter or other people."

Jan Weber, Sales Director, REGUPOL products for shooting ranges.

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