REGUPOL safety floors and elements for shooting ranges

Walls and Ceilings

REGUPOL safety floors and elements for shooting ranges

Walls and Ceilings

In a shooting range, shooters train how to handle a weapon and their own shooting technique. Armed law enforcement units, military, hunters, sport shooters and security personnel; all groups have to practise different scenarios to guarantee all goes well in action, hunting or competition. To minimise the danger from mistakes in training and practice, the shooting range must be safe all around. This also applies to walls and ceilings. These are mostly made of concrete or steel. Projectiles impacting them can easily ricochet and pose a danger. Cladding made from our REGUPOL safety elements makes your shooting range safer. Due to their elastic material, they can easily absorb errant bullets and prevent ricochets or rebounds. 

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REGUPOL ballistic E43

Find out more about our REGUPOL ballistic E43 elastic tile as cladding for walls and ceilings on shooting ranges.

REGUPOL ballistic E70

Read more about our REGUPOL ballistic E70 wall and ceiling cladding here.

Your benefits with REGUPOL safety elements

Our REGUPOL wall and ceiling cladding provides the necessary safety on side and end walls, as well as on ceilings. After a misdirected shot, the bullet no longer rebounds from the wall but penetrates the elastic material. Due to its sound-absorbing properties, noise in shooting ranges is also reduced. Our REGUPOL safety elements are used both indoors and outdoors. They are weather-resistant and therefore suitable for open shooting ranges, as well. This makes them a cost-effective and, above all, a safe solution. Our products have proven their worth in countless facilities over many decades.

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