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Whether as a professional sport, a club activity or something you do for fun, gymnastics keeps you fit and helps improve many aspects, such as strength, endurance, mobility and is a great way to meet friends. For gymnastics in multi-purpose halls, the right floor surface makes all the difference. The structure of our floor systems gives them elasticity and their resultant force reduction is ideal for gymnastics. They can carry the apparatus and provide support for the gymnasts in a sports hall or multi-purpose area.
Our product portfolio also includes sports mats. They provide a safe and secure footing and at the same time are pleasantly soft enough to be easy on joints. Our gymnastics mats don’t slip out of position, so the gymnasts can concentrate completely on their exercises. Our REGUPOL sports mats and sports floors can also be used for school sports.

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Our Products

For Gymnastics

REGUPOL gymnastics R35

Our floor exercise mat REGUPOL gymnastics R35 with a skin-friendly needle-felt is designed for gymnastics and floor exercises in sports halls.

REGUPOL gymnastics R25

Our floor exercise mat REGUPOL gymnastics R25 with the slip-resistant bottom side for gymnastics in sports halls. Available in a range of sizes.

REGUPOL gymnastics M80

Our REGUPOL gymnastics M80 sports for children’s and school sport. It has a non-slipping bottom side and the cover fabric is phthalate free.

REGUPOL gymnastics M100

Our medium-hard REGUPOL gymnastics M100 sports mat developed for children’s and school sport. With impact-absorbing properties.

REGUPOL gymnastics M120

Our REGUPOL gymnastics M120 sports mat is available in different sizes and thicknesses. It has optimal cushioning for children’s and school sport.

REGUPOL dynamic classic

Traditional, point-elastic sports floor for multi-purpose halls. Select the appropriate base layer thickness to suit your requirements.

REGUPOL dynamic neo

REGUPOL dynamic neo has the highest force reduction value of all our indoor sports floors. For minimised risk of injury.

REGUPOL dynamic eco

REGUPOL dynamic eco is our cost-efficient sports floor for indoor ball games and recreational sports. Floor system with low installation height.

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