REGUPOL jogging tracks

The joint-friendly variant!

Specially laid jogging trails in sports parks, in open country or even on the roofs of buildings are becoming increasingly popular. Such tracks are often embedded into natural terrain. This creates downhill stretches, long straights and - if desired - tight bends, giving athletes the feeling of cross-country running.

REGUPOL’s synthetic running track surfaces offer a solution that is easy on joints and slip-resistant compared to hard surfaces like asphalt, concrete or unbound base layers and can be used in all weathers. Whether for short sessions or endurance training: REGUPOL surfaces help counter fatigue and reduce the risk of injury.

Long-distance training for professionals on REGUPOL jogging tracks

We have developed a surface for medium- and long-distance training that is particularly elastic and meets the special requirements of this type of sport. Our jogging tracks are completely seamless, have perfectly consistent properties and a long service life, even under intensive use.

Our Products

For jogging tracks

REGUPOL champion AGM
for long-distance training | EPD & C2C

REGUPOL champion AGM

Our special track surface for medium and long distance training. Pre-fabricated REGUPOL base mat with extra elasticity

REGUPOL champion AG
available with 4.0 technology | EPD & C2C

REGUPOL champion AG

Our most widely used track with uniform physical properties thanks to the prefabricated REGUPOL base mat. With World Athletics certification


Our competition surface is cast in three layers without any joints. Extremely robust and long-lasting. Meets all World Athletics requirements.

Running on REGUPOL anywhere: for professionals and fun runners

Whether in parks, cities, open country, sports facilities or on roofs: REGUPOL jogging tracks are suitable for any location and remain permanently elastic, whatever the climate.

REGUPOL jogging tracks provide hobby joggers and professional runners with a sports surface that is not only easy on their feet, joints and muscles; the colour design can also turn these jogging tracks into an eye-catching highlight in public spaces. Various UV-resistant colours are available. Installation is carried out by our own REGUPOL technicians or approved installation companies.

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