REGUPOL everroll flooring in a fitness centre in Berkum

Fitness Club Berkum: REGUPOL fitness floors for over 15 years

Fitness Club Berkum: REGUPOL fitness floors for over 15 years

The starting point: a new fitness studio
What could be more convenient than being able to do all your shopping in one place? This is exactly what the Wachtberg shopping centre just outside Berkum in North Rhine-Westphalia makes possible with lots of different stores under one roof. Also among the centre’s attractions is the "Fitness Club Berkum", which opened in 2006. Over 800 square metres of fitness studio where customers can improve their stamina and strength, using the wide range of services on offer: supervised equipment training, a sauna area with an open-air terrace and various training courses. The central location is a great benefit for all its customers: a quick bit of shopping before or after a sweat-inducing training session - and all in one place.  

Project overview

- REGUPOL everroll fitness flooring in use for over 15 years

The big demand from their flooring? Durability
Besides all the training machines and other equipment, a good, reliable floor is essential. Frank Habermann, Managing Director of Fitness Club Berkum, wanted a durable floor surface, one that doesn't have to be ripped out and laid again after just a few years. Not only is this expensive and nerve-wracking, it also means closing the studio for short periods at regular intervals. In previous gyms, he had opted for carpeting, which he had to replace regularly. So, with our REGUPOL fitness floors, this was to change. And now, our everroll range fitness flooring has been in use at the "Fitness Club Berkum" fitness center for 15 years.

The choice: a simple floor surface
It was at a trade fair, where gym operator Frank Habermann found just what he was looking for: REGUPOL everroll fitness floors. So we sent him sample material to view and his final choice fell on our elastic flooring.
The grey colour is simple yet elegant and fits in well with the rest of the club. The sheeting, which was also used in Berkum, is easy for either yourself or a floor fitter to install. "You have to make sure that you have a smooth subfloor," says Habermann, "if that's the case, the floor looks like one continuous level surface, with no visible joints." This has a positive effect on the appearance of the room.
Visually, our flooring can be adapted to any given circumstances. "Our decor groups include plain, single-coloured, but also multi-coloured floor coverings. We can also meet customers’ specific colour requests. REGUPOL everroll fitness floors are comfortable to walk on, resilient, easy on athletes’ joints and easy to install," says Sales Manager Thomas Beitzel.  

In summary: a durable flooring solution for fitness studios
All in all, the owner of the "Fitness Club Berkum" is still happy with his choice of flooring, even after more than a decade. "The REGUPOL everroll fitness flooring has been in my gym for 15 years now and I'm still very satisfied. Of course, after so many years and such intensive use, even this flooring shows the signs of minor wear and tear in some places. But that's nothing serious. I’d have had to replace many other floors twice in that time. This fitness floor from REGUPOL embodies what I was looking for: a long-lasting solution for my fitness centre," says Frank Habermann. An impressive summary of his experience with REGUPOL everroll fitness floors.