The road to a safe indoor climbing hall

The road to a safe indoor climbing hall

The team from "Espace Vertical" in France contacted us for the first time in February 2022. Their attention had been caught by the climbing hall floors in our REGUPOL climb series and they wanted to fit a new safety floor in an existing indoor facility. In addition to the highest standards of safety and user-friendliness, which our system has always fulfilled, there were additional challenges to overcome before the project could be realised.

The beginning and a new challenge:
During the early talks, drawings were exchanged, initial wishes and ideas were discussed and a rough schedule for a possible installation was drawn up. So far, nothing unusual for the REGUPOL team. But then it soon became clear that there was important additional requirement: because unlike the vast majority of other countries, France has a national standard that sets precise requirements for floors when it comes to the safety aspect; a clear exclusion criterion for the operators and a new challenge for REGUPOL.

The search for a solution:
The climbing hall operators themselves helped in the search to find a suitable accreditation body that could provide certification in accordance with French standards. In the following months, intensive work was done preparing test samples and gathering technical data. Numerous meetings with the certification body and the customer brought us ever closer to our goal.

Project overview

  • 315 m² REGUPOL climb 77 were installed
  • Colour: Dusty Grey

The longed-for certification:
Finally, in October 2022, we were granted the necessary certification for our REGUPOL climb 77 climbing hall floor. This was the decisive milestone on the way to realising the project. 

The customer's wishes:
The customer had clear ideas about the floor they wanted. It needed to be seamless, safe and easy to clean; characteristics that REGUPOL systems have been providing in climbing facilities for over ten years. Finally, at an on-site meeting in Grenoble, both sides discussed the structural adjustments that had to be made in the existing hall so that replacement of the previous floor solution with REGUPOL could be carried out as smoothly as possible - an indispensable service that the "Espace Vertical" team greatly appreciated. Various parts of the floor surface in safety-relevant areas were then adapted to guarantee that REGUPOL climb 77 fitted the project perfectly.

Further planning and implementation:
Once the customer had looked at reference projects in southern Germany, further details were discussed, outstanding technical questions were clarified and the colour and design concept was chosen. In March 2023, the climbing hall operators confirmed the offer, enabling the installation window to be finalised. Subsequently, the internal planning phase began, in which, among other things, the organisation of production, logistics and installation service took centre stage.

The installation:
In July 2023, the installation of approximately 315 m² of our REGUPOL climb 77 in the colour Dusty Grey finally took place in France. Depending on the project, the time needed to install our REGUPOL climb indoor climbing floors is usually around one to two weeks. Once again, our installation specialists did a very good job and achieved an excellent result. 

The result:
The "Espace Vertical" team was delighted with our REGUPOL service and quality. We, on the other hand, were impressed by the enthusiasm and commitment shown by our new customer from Grenoble, as well as the way they handled the entire project. Thank you for the fantastic cooperation and have fun climbing in the new "Espace Vertical 3" - true to our motto "climb high; stay safe".