Equestrian flooring

Open stalls

Open stalls

On a secure footing in the open

Horses love living in open stalls. After all, it comes closest their natural social behaviour and their need for movement. However, in bad weather, the ground can quickly resemble a quagmire – and no horse enjoys walking through mud. Our weather-resistant REGUPOLpaddock tiles or alternative floor coverings, such as REGUPOLinterlocking pavers, can help to alleviate this situation. Even if it’s scarcely possible to pave or otherwise secure the entire area of an open stall, paving the main walkways or the areas around hayracks and drinking troughs can make life much easier for your horses and put them on a clean and secure footing.

Our paddock floors: easy to clean and weather resistant

Whether the hot sun, rain or snow; REGUPOLequestrian floors in open stalls can withstand the elements all year round. Basic cleaning is also quick and easy, as daily sweeping is all you need to do. For heavier soiling, it’s best to use a pressure washer. For clean and safe paths and walkways from spring right through to winter.

Our Products

For open stalls

REGUPOL equiline multi

Our elastic tiles create a calm atmosphere and a soft, insulating surface. They are easy to clean and very long lasting.

REGUPOL equiline stable

Our stable tiles with studded underside provide good drainage properties, highly effective noise insulation and are gentle on hooves and joints.

REGUPOL equiline walkway

Our elastic interlocking pavers are non-slip and robust – this makes them the ideal flooring for walkways around or in your stable.

REGUPOL equiline multi XL

REGUPOL equiline multi XL are our versatile 2000 x 1000 mm XL format paddock tiles. It can be laid loose thank to its own weight.

REGUPOL equiline allround
virtually impermeable to water

REGUPOL equiline allround

Our flooring is highly elastic with a low installation height. It is bonded into place which gives it a surface that’s virtually impermeable to water.

Good for your horses – and your facilities

By nature, horses frequently follow each other in single file along trails. That’s why they’ll happily take even the narrowest of paths – especially when it’s wet. Besides providing comfort and safety for your animals, this also has a further benefit: if your horses prefer to walk over our non-slip paddock tiles or pathways of rubber pavers, they’ll leave the rest of your facility largely undamaged!

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