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Stall aisles

Stall aisles

More peace and quiet

Stable aisle floors have to do two things in particular: withstand the daily battering from horses’ hooves and guarantee peace and quiet for the animals themselves. After all, the noise of hooves clattering across a cement floor is something horses can also find very disturbing in the long run. REGUPOL stable aisles floors meet these and many more demands. Whether stable matting, rubber pavers or an equestrian floor bonded into place, the elastic material of our robust floor surfaces is sound absorbing and generates a pleasant acoustic atmosphere. This ensures that horses in their boxes will be disturbed less by outside noise – a clear benefit for the wellbeing of your horses, especially in larger facilities.

Our Products

For Stall aisles

REGUPOL equiline multi

Our elastic tiles create a calm atmosphere and a soft, insulating surface. They are easy to clean and very long lasting.

REGUPOL equiline allround
virtually impermeable to water

REGUPOL equiline allround

Our flooring is highly elastic with a low installation height. It is bonded into place which gives it a surface that’s virtually impermeable to water.

REGUPOL equiline walkway

Our elastic interlocking pavers are non-slip and robust – this makes them the ideal flooring for walkways around or in your stable.

REGUPOL equiline multi XL

REGUPOL equiline multi XL are our versatile 2000 x 1000 mm XL format paddock tiles. It can be laid loose thank to its own weight.

Stable mats for horses: safe and gentle on hooves

REGUPOLequestrian floors are hard-wearing, non-slip and secure under foot – even in the wet. This makes them the ideal choice for stable aisles, too, because walking on a soft, safe surface will make your horse calmer, more even-tempered and less prone to injury. Our elastic REGUPOLstable mats and floorings have an additional benefit for unshod horses, because on these surfaces, their hooves will not be worn down.

Easy to lay, easy to clean

Whether laid loosely on the appropriate sub-base or bonded with adhesive onto large areas of concrete or asphalt, both you and your horses will profit from the advantages of your REGUPOLequestrian floor within the shortest possible time. After all, installation is easy, whichever floor surface you choose and cleaning is also a task that can be carried out very quickly. Stable mats, interlocking pavers and our REGUPOLequestrian floors for bonding can all be swept clean – to guarantee horse keeping that’s clean, species-appropriate and economical.

REGUPOL in the stable aisle: we’ve got it covered.

„Galloping from the meadow into the stable without slipping – our horses love it.“

Wiltrud Heine, Stable Owner
Olaf Brinkmann

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