REGUPOL champion AGF

Product Details

REGUPOL champion AGF

Product Details


Guarantees the fast and inexpensive renovation of old shale tracks or asphalt surfaces. No removal needed.

Old red shale or clay running tracks with their best years behind them often fall into disrepair and need renovation. This usually involves high costs, lengthy renovation work and the cancellation of training and competitions. The solutions for this is our REGUPOL champion AGF running track renovation system. Within a very short time, we can provide you with a new athletics surface – and we can do it at prices that almost all other renovation concepts can’t compete with.

REGUPOL champion AGF
Cradle to Cradle Certified® Bronze

Colour and pattern selection


  • fast and inexpensive renovation of old shale running tracks or asphalt surfaces
  • no need for removal of the original surface
  • water impermeable
  • “Hybrid sandwich“ surface
  • uniform physical properties guaranteed
  • spike-resistant
  • stable under foot
  • slip-resistant
  • sustainable

The Institut für Bauen und Umwelt e.V. has published the Environmental Product Declaration (EPD) for REGUPOL sheeting. This EPD certificate relates exclusively to the REGUPOL base mat. Further information can be found in our press release.

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REGUPOL champion AGF – running track renovation on existing substrates

We lay our floating REGUPOL champion AGF on top of the existing substrate, on an old cinder surface, for example. The time-consuming removal of this old surface is no longer necessary. The REGUPOL champion AGF wear layer consists of high-quality polyurethane broadcast with new rubber granulate. The base layer is made up of prefabricated REGUPOL rolls. On top of this, we install a dimensionally stable, special mesh fabric. By using the prefabricated REGUPOL rolls, we guarantee uniform physical properties over the entire running track. REGUPOL champion AGF is suitable for school, amateur and grassroots sport, as well as training.

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