REGUPOL everroll alpine flooring

REGUPOL everroll alpine flooring in the hospitality sector

REGUPOL everroll alpine flooring in the hospitality sector

Well-equipped ski slopes and outstanding facilities are undoubtedly what have made Adelboden a popular tourist destination and a venue for the Audi FIS Ski World Cup. The Sillerenbühl restaurant is located at the heart of this picturesque region almost 2000 metres above sea level. The restaurant’s complete renovation and redesign also involved the installation of REGUPOL everroll alpine resilient flooring. 

An important criterion in deciding to lay our flooring was the safety of the guests. Located right in the centre of the Adelboden-Lenk ski area, this self-service restaurant is often a hive of activity. The floor’s slip resistance properties significantly reduce the risk of any unpleasant accidents, especially when most customers walk around in ski boots. In addition, the floor can be wet-cleaned at any time so that dropped food or spilled drinks can be removed quickly and efficiently.

And what’s more, our REGUPOL everroll alpine elastic floor covering can be installed on stairways and staircases. These areas are where the risk of slipping is highest, especially when ski-boots come into contact with wet surfaces. The slip-resistant nature of our flooring can reduce this risk to a minimum. 

Project overview

  • elastic REGUPOL everroll alpine flooring 
  • can be combined with natural materials such as wood and stones
  • reduces walking noise

Another special feature of our REGUPOL everroll alpine flooring is that it can be combined with natural materials such as wood and stone. The flooring not only gives the restaurant a modern appearance, but also preserves its traditional mining aesthetic. In addition, our REGUPOL everroll alpine flooring makes the room acoustics very pleasant and significantly reduces walking noise in this very spacious catering outlet. This creates an inviting and stylish atmosphere and is essential in winter, when many people move around the restaurant in their ski boots.

The region around Adelboden not only offers attractive things to do for young and old in winter. While skiing and snowboarding are high on the list of activities in the winter season, hiking and scootering are among the biggest attractions in summer. Our REGUPOL everroll alpine flooring offers benefits for all seasons and conditions. It is non-slip and comfortable, offering a range of design options. It optimises acoustics, and is robust and durable even in highly frequented areas. 

The Sillerenbühl restaurant's decision to use REGUPOL everroll alpine is a new example of the Alpine tourism sector combining tradition with innovation. In the past, REGUPOL has already fitted other properties with this flooring. The catering outlets of the Arosa Bergbahnen AG and Téléverbier SA, the Portal restaurant in Churwalden and several other locations in Austria have already put their faith in our REGUPOL everroll alpine flooring, which is not only demonstrating its durability and long service life, but also proving itself as a sustainable investment.